Recently, I was faced with the task of finding several people to endorse a variety of classes. I wondered how to go about it. I could email people I knew, but then the endorsements would represent my personal friends, not the more global perspective we were hoping for. I could go to the nearest place where these classes were taught, but again, I would get a narrower group.

A lot of what I’ve been reading lately suggests that businesses and non-profits should use social media to “listen” to their “customers” as opposed to simply “talking” to them. So I thought that perhaps I could tap into my organization’s Facebook pages to get the endorsements we needed.

I simply made a status update saying we were looking for endorsements of classes and comments started pouring in. Just by listening to what they said, I was able to get in contact with people from around the world. I contacted those who responded and we were able to quickly move the process along. As a bonus, I found that the process of getting a picture to go along with their endorsement was sometimes simplified by using pictures they had already posted on Facebook.

Along the way, I used other methods to contact people for endorsements, but the majority came from two quick Facebook posts.

I know this is a small example, but to me it reinforced the idea that if you want to get feedback from, or involve your audience, just ask them. And social media makes “asking them” so much easier.

Here’s an example of what the endorsements look like. The below is from Kiszhi Ez Ineh (whom I have never met).