We all know, as this headline shows, that college textbooks are expensive. There have been a variety of estimates regarding the total cost of textbooks, including this report by the Student Public Interest Research Group. I, along with other researchers in the Open Education Group, were curious to know how much students were spending on […]

Math is one of the many topics that I think lends itelf to OER. College Algebra hasn’t been revolutionized in the past few years, and so the idea of purchasing expensive textbooks for this course is, in my view, pretty suspect. Scottsdale Community College has created/remixed some incredible resources that are freely available for students. […]

Perceptions of OER

My good friend T.J. Bliss was the lead author on two recent studies focusing on how students and faculty perceived open educational resources. I think that listening to these voices is very important. Both articles are open access — visit First Monday or the Journal of Interactive Media in Education to learn more. Great work […]

As you probably know, FWK has announced that it will no longer provide a free version of its textbooks. This is clearly disappointing to the OER community (for example you can feel T.J.’s frustration). David Wiley’s response is here. David and I have published a couple of articles about FWK’s financial models (at IRRODL and […]

  This past summer I had a great experience using a version of Flat World Knowledge’s Psychology textbook while teaching in China. Working with that book led me to a collaboration with Carol Laman of Houston Community College (HCC). HCC’s Pyschology Department adopted the Flat World text and had some great success using it in […]

I’m having a great time at Open Education Conference. I’m presenting this afternoon on the topic of “Using Open Textbooks in Community Colleges” along with Jared Robinson. We will be focusing on our recent work with the Houston Community College, Virginia State University, and the Kaleidoscope Project. Here are the slides from the presentation.   […]

Book Review: Steve Jobs

I’ll be honest — I’m not really an Apple fan. When I was in Junior High my friend David and I would have huge arguments about Macs versus PCs. I do have an iPhone however and honestly think it has made my life better. I’ve never been interested in Apple as a company though, and […]

Earlier I posted on research relating to high school students using open textbooks in their science classes. One of my favorite parts of that article was a figure that illustrated different potential outcomes, both in terms of money saved by using open textbooks and learning gained. Here’s that figure: In the article, we described 2 […]

I believe that one of the most interesting research areas in OER is learning about the effects (both educational and financial) of classroom adoption of OER. The International Review of Research on Open and Distance Learning just published an article on this subject. I’m happy to be a coauthor on what I  think is an […]

I am giving a presentation today at Open Education 2011 (the conference has been fabulous so far!) based on this article. Here are the slides: Open ed fwk sustainability View more presentations from johnhilton3.