I believe that one of the most interesting research areas in OER is learning about the effects (both educational and financial) of classroom adoption of OER. The International Review of Research on Open and Distance Learning just published an article on this subject. I’m happy to be a coauthor on what I  think is an […]

I am giving a presentation today at Open Education 2011 (the conference has been fabulous so far!) based on this article. Here are the slides: Open ed fwk sustainability View more presentations from johnhilton3.

Update October 2011: Preliminary efficacy results are now available! I’ve been involved in an exciting research program where we are collaborating with middle and high school teachers to determine the cost effectiveness and educational effectiveness of a set of open textbooks in middle and high school classrooms. David Wiley initiated the project, and it’s been […]

Captain Vancouver

I received an email pointing me to this website where “Captain Vancouver” is collecting images of people who participated in the Vancouver riots. His purpose is to punish people’s inappropriate actions by publicizing them. His idea is that while the court system may or may not deliver justice to these people, quick justice can be […]

The National Academies Press recently announced that it was making over 4,000 PDF versions of its books available for free download. This is a very interesting development, especially considering that they previously were allowing much of this content to be accessed on a page-by-page basis on their website. I checked it out this morning and […]

One of the key tenets of using social media in marketing is to not just speak to your customers, but to listen to them. I had a recent experience that taught me the power of using Facebook to learn from others. My wife and I have written a book for teenagers called “What guys need […]

Apps are content

Lots has been written about Apps versus the Internet. Today I heard Ben Galbraith speak on this topic and he said something like this (quoting from his blog): “What a fascinating time of change for our industry! The Web has been challenged as the dominant platform for mainstream consumer software experiences–though the contest with apps […]

Flipping Class

I was really interested in Salman Kahn’s recent TED talk (video embedded at the end of this post). There is much to love, and I’m going to try out some of his simpler videos on my 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade children. I was particularly interested in the concept of “flipping class.” Typically in class, […]

Book Review: Social Media 101

I just finished the book Social Media 101, by Chris Brogan. I’ve heard some criticism of the book — that it reads like a blog and doesn’t have a strong, consistent narrative. There is some truth to that; however, I still got some good insights from the book. Here are the top 2: 1. Use […]

Podcasting Class

One topic that has interested me for a long time is the possibility of college professors recording and podcasting their classes so that others could more freely listen to the class. It seems to me that while the audience for a lot of these classes would be small, extra exposure to good classes would be […]