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Apps are content

Lots has been written about Apps versus the Internet. Today I heard Ben Galbraith speak on this topic and he said something like this (quoting from his blog): “What a fascinating time of change for our industry! The Web has been challenged as the dominant platform for mainstream consumer software experiences–though the contest with apps […]

Review of Jer3miah

I recently posted about the web-series Jer3miah. After watching the whole thing, I wanted to give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up and encourage you to watch it. The webisodes themselves were highly entertaining, but even more intriguing to me were the different blogs/Facebook/treasure hunting clues that are available. This is truly innovative! I believe […]


I somehow stumbled across the “transmedia” series Jer3miah this past week. Much has been written about it, a great summary is available from Wikipedia here. Most interesting to me is that this video was put together with very little budget and by students. From what I’ve seen so far, this series is another example of […]

Freely ye have received

I was honored to give a speech at the BYU McKay School of Education Commencement today. Below is the transcript. It was connected to my dissertation and is titled, “Freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8). Those not familiar with the mission of Brigham Young University or its sponsoring institution, The Church of Jesus […]

Free Book Review (part 2)

I’ve been waiting until I had time to do an in-depth review of Free but I’m seeing that that time isn’t going to happen. So I’ll keep bloggin in bits on it. Two things I wanted to highlight. 1. An interesting experiment in which researchers sold two kinds of treats. Deluxe chocolates for 15 cents […]

Free Book Review (part 1)

I still remember reading this article and being fascinated with the concept of “free.” A lot of my doctoral work centers around the concept of “free” and I was hungry for information on the subject. As I was finishing the article I thought to myself, “This would make a great book. Maybe I should contact […]