I just finished the book Social Media 101, by Chris Brogan. I’ve heard some criticism of the book — that it reads like a blog and doesn’t have a strong, consistent narrative. There is some truth to that; however, I still got some good insights from the book. Here are the top 2:

1. Use Feedburner. Chris suggests hat “no built-in RSS feed provides as many features and enhancements as FeedBurner. Bring your existing blog feed to Feedburner, make a new feed there, do all the little tweaks and add-ons suggested, and then promote that feed” (62). This simple plug-in made it easy to do, and you probably didn’t even notice the switch! But I’ve been able to see some interesting analytics that I couldn’t before.

2. Ask questions. On one of the Facebook pages I work with I started asking questions instead of just posting content. Shouldn’t be a surprise, but I found that my engagement rates skyrocketed. The simpler the question, the more responses.