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The very first academic article I worked on has been published by Tech Trends. It’s called Free: Why Authors are Giving Books Away on the Internet. For the article, David Wiley and I interviewed ten authors who had made some or all of their books available for free on the Internet. Most of the authors […]

I’ve posted on my dissertation before. The full version is now available here. Here’s a little summary of what the dissertation is all about. What Deseret Book placed eight books online for free download. All of these were “backlist” titles. This study tracked what happened as a result of those books being available. When The […]

For a long time I’ve been hopeful that people would read some of the academic research I’ve been working on. Although I’m new to academia, I’ve heard that one of the dangers of academic publishing is that it’s very possible that nobody will read what you write. Then again, if people will read what you […]

It’s here. The article I’ve been so excited to see published. David Wiley and I wrote this article and  I am grateful to The Journal of Electronic Publishing for publishing it. Although there is much to be done in the area of how giving away digital copies influence print sales I think this article makes […]